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Eddie sings his rendition of the National Anthem

The passing of Eddie Money hits the world hard. So many amazing songs, so many memories!

One memory in particular….Jere and myself had the pleasure of doing some promotion for Eddie and his band in 2007 for the Wanna Go Back album release. Needless to say we were so pumped to hear new material, though covers, from Eddie. A little conversation with his band & management and we were given the material before public release. At the time Jere and I were doing reviews, going to concerts, writing articles and sharing stories of artists we enjoyed. So to be in close contact with Eddie’s team was just such a boost for us personally. Again.. this is an artist that we had really enjoyed for a long time. Years before, an odd connection would occur that would set up my course with meeting Eddie Money. Without to many details… I’d like to keep some of this private.. but in the summer of ’99 after the death of a family member who wanted to see Eddie’s show… I was able to attend it.. without even knowing I was going there specifically. And yet a few years after that, meeting Eddie one on one after a show and being able to discuss music and snag an autograph. Honestly that’s the extreme short version of the entire story.

Fast Forward to 2019…Eddie announced a new studio album which just set me off into orbit.. I was so excited. Similar feelings occurred just months before when former lead singer of Journey, Steve Perry announced and then released his new album Traces. Now lets be real here… new music.. 2019??? From a classic rock Icon?? I don’t care who you are, if you are into any form of 70’s/80’s rock, you would have to be pumped about this news!

The lead single Brand New Day which was also the album title came out with a bang! What an amazing song and video. It was so great to hear Eddie’s voice and see him doing well. Of course little did anyone know he was going through a massive battle against time in Stage 4 Cancer. The album would not be released, in fact all sound clips other than the single were removed from his website and iTunes. Preorders were cancelled by suppliers/retail outlets. No additional information about the album has been given at this point.

Eddie had a “minor” heart procedure, followed by an illness. On Sept 13, 2019 Eddie passed away leaving a legacy of wonderful music, amazing memories, family and friends.

Thanks for all the memories.. most of which I can’t even put down on this website.. this one truly hurts. Rest In Peace Eddie!

Who knows where this will lead us again? It’s been way to long since we walked away from the online music world. Building our lives in the real world and seeing where that would take us. And yet the pull was always lingering to return to an online forum that allowed us to use our voices. This doesn’t mean we’ve been out of the game, it just means we needed to recharge the batteries and see what was left.

The dismantling of the website in 2010 was something at the time just made sense in so many ways.. and yet left us with so much regret. Now we are ready to discuss more from the media world. Nothing specific has been setup yet as far as continuing our original podcast series or days we intend to update this website regularly. We’ll build as we go…

Now just seemed like the time to step back into the online media world.

….Our thoughts… straight from us.. to you all in the world…..