Huey Lewis & The News Debut “Her Love Is Killin’ Me” Video

Her Love Is Killin’ Me – YouTube

Huey Lewis was on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about his life and music. With the release of Weather today it marks a significant milestone for HLN. It has been ten (10) years since the release of Soulsville, ten (10) years! Boy, it feels like just yesterday we were awaiting that release.

Knowing that Huey has had some set backs with his hearing it came as no surprise that Weather would be a short release, being only seven (7) tracks long. But don’t let that stop you from listening to what is most definitely one of the best releases HLN has done in their career.

Her Love Is Killin’ Me music video is chalked full of special guests. Only Huey Lewis could pull off something like this! The new album has some many amazing songs that would be perfect for the band to perform live.

One can only hope his hearing does come back to where he is able to perform live again. After all, Huey said the next album would be called “Business”…. oh so fitting…

The News.. Sports… and Weather…..

Thanks for the music HLN, truly a band for the ages.

You can purchase Weather (CD) in stores today! (LP will be released within the next two (2) weeks.)

FM “Synchronized” Tracklisting & Artwork Revealed

FM will release their new album, “Synchronized” on April 10, 2020 on CD/LP/Digital. Tracklisting below. Stay tuned for the first single & video from the album in the coming weeks.

1. Synchronized
2. Superstar
3. Best Of Times
4. Ghost Of You And I
5. Broken
6. Change For The Better
7. End of Days
8. Pray
9. Walk Through The Fire
10. Hell Or High Water
11. Angels Cried
12. Ready For Me

Dennis DeYoung “26 East, Vol 1” Tracklisting & Artwork Revealed

Dennis DeYoung’s new studio album, “26 East, Vol. 1” will be released on April 10, 2020 (CD/LP/Digital). Tracklisting below. Stay tuned for your first taste of music in the coming weeks….

1. East Of Midnight
2. With All Due Respect
3. A Kingdom Ablaze
4. You My Love
5. Run For The Roses
6. Damn That Dream
7. Unbroken
8. The Promise Of This Land
9. To The Good Old Days
10. A.D. 2020

Hardline “Life Live” CD+DVD Feb 14th, 2020

  1. Place To Call Home
  2. Takin’ Me Down
  3. Dr. Love
  4. Where Will We Go From Here
  5. Page Of Your Life
  6. Life’s A Bitch
  7. In The Hands Of Time
  8. Take You Home
  9. Everything
  10. Hot Cherie
  11. Fever Dreams
  12. Rhythm From A Red Car

Hardline’s performance at Frontiers Rock Festival 2019 was, any hyperbole aside, one of a kind. The band not only performed a superb show, but also saw none other than original drummer Deen Castronovo jump behind the kit to play on selected tracks from the band’s debut album.

Hardline has been consistently touring in Europe the past few years and are a well oiled live machine. The show they put on at the legendary Live Club in Trezzo Sull’Adda has been hailed by many as one of their best in recent memory. With a solid rhythm section featuring powerhouse drummer Marco Di Salvia and Anna Portalupi, the multi-talented Alessandro Del Vecchio on keyboards and background vocals, stellar new guitarist Mario Percudani, and of course the inimitable Johnny Gioeli on vocals, Hardline rocked out hits from their debut album and played a selection of more recent hits from the last three albums. 

The band says, “We are so excited to share our Hardline performance that was filmed and recorded live at the Frontiers Rock Festival 2019  We’ve always appreciated our work in the studio, but magic happens when we take the stage.  We’ve wanted to capture the true essence and power of this line-up so that fans who can’t reach us in person can finally see us in the comfort of their home.  “LIFE LIVE”  speaks to the chemistry, fun and musical power we love to share with our audience. “Life,”  our newest album, was released on the same weekend as the festival, which made an exciting preview of the songs in a packed house environment.  We were amazed to hear the crowd’s reaction to the new songs and we knew at that moment, we made something special.  Sit back, relax and enjoy one of our most memorable shows, and cherish with us a moment in time for all to remember. Hardline…..always moving forward…thanks to all the amazing fans around the world.”  

A can’t miss even for fans new and old!

Johnny Gioeli – Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards, vocals
Mario Percudani – Guitars, backing vocals
Anna Portalupi – Bass
Marco Di Salvia – Drums
Deen Castronovo – Special Guest, Drums

Hot Cherie – Live – YouTube

Matthew West “Brand New” Album

Multi-Award winning Christian music singer/songwriter Matthew West will release a new project, Brand New, on February 14, 2020. Brand New will be his first album on Provident Label Group/Sony Music and his imprint Story House Music.

Exclusive signed copies are available for preorder on his official online store.

Track Listing is being unveiled little by little via amazon. At the time this news brief went live, the track listing is as follows. A total of 16 tracks will be on the album.

2. Brand New
3. What If
4. Walking Miracles
5. The God Who Stays
6. Grace Upon Grace
10. Truth Be Told

Brand New – Single – YouTube

Disney Dreamin’ With Matthew Morrison

Emmy, Tony, and Golden Globe nominated artist Matthew Morrison has partnered with Disney Music to release a fresh contemporary take on some of his favorite iconic Disney songs. “Disney Dreamin’ with Matthew Morrison” will feature material from beloved Disney classics such as Aladdin, Toy Story, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Tarzan and more.

Releases March 6th, 2020!

Go The Distance – YouTube

Track List:


Huey Lewis And The News “Weather” Walmart Exclusive Deluxe Edition

Walmart Exclusive – Includes the brand new album from Huey Lewis and a bonus disc featuring 10 of his greatest hits Weather (Walmart Exclusive) (CD)

Weather Track List:

  1. While We’re Young
  2. Her Love Is Killin’ Me
  3. I Am There For You
  4. Hurry Back Baby
  5. Remind Me Why I Love You Again
  6. Pretty Girls Everywhere
  7. One of The Boys

So if you are looking for the best bang for your buck for the cd edition, this is the version to pick up. Reminder that the LP (Record) is not currently listed for preorder via Walmart, Target or Best Buy. Amazon, Plaid Room Records and Elusive Disc however do have it listed.

Jere and myself are extremely excited for this release. It has been a long time coming and based on the singles released so far, this is going to be one fun ride! Currently we have no further information on what the “10 greatest hits” tracks are. But we’ll make sure to update this news brief once we receive further details.