We’re Back… And So Is The Music!

Who knows where this will lead us again? It’s been way to long since we walked away from the online music world. Building our lives in the real world and seeing where that would take us. And yet the pull was always lingering to return to an online forum that allowed us to use our voices. This doesn’t mean we’ve been out of the game, it just means we needed to recharge the batteries and see what was left.

The dismantling of the website in 2010 was something at the time just made sense in so many ways.. and yet left us with so much regret. Now we are ready to discuss more from the media world. Nothing specific has been setup yet as far as continuing our original podcast series or days we intend to update this website regularly. We’ll build as we go…

Now just seemed like the time to step back into the online media world.

….Our thoughts… straight from us.. to you all in the world…..

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