Emma Blackery – The Making Of “Wolves” Music Video

Emma Blackery, I’ve written about her in the past when it comes to her music. Not much of a secret I’ve enjoyed most of the material she has released in her music career, most recently the album Villians. But that was 2018.

As of late 2019 Emma was making references on her social media channels pointing out that new music was on the way. A behind the scenes “studio vlog” ended up on her YouTube channel along with other snippets on her instagram account.

Which leads us to April 3rd, 2020…..

Emma Blackery – Wolves Music Video – YouTube

Today is the day we get to take the wrapper off “Wolves”. This is the first taste the public will receive on the musical direction she will be taking with her upcoming EP entitled “My Arms Are Open”. “Wolves” doesn’t disappoint one bit. An extremely personal journey song that showcases Emma’s vocal abilities to a T. A wide range of haunting background effects and catchy lyrics allow the listener to be drawn in.

Sometimes you need to stop, look around, and evaluate what has been accomplished and who is around you. No matter if a path has been set out or not, things can be changed even if it means comforting it all head on. Not every journey is an easy one and in the end you’ll be better off.

And it is clear Emma has taken the time to evaluate where she wants to go next. “Wolves” is nothing like she has done before, which is absolutely a good thing! Everyone needs to grow as a person and for her as an artist. I highly suggest you check out Emma’s new song “Wolves” available now on Spotify and Apple Music. As always I am looking forward to hearing more from Emma. She continues to craft beautiful material from her life and with “Wolves” she tiptoes on the edge of heartache and happiness.

My Arms Are Open – EP


  1. Wolves
  2. Plot Holes
  3. History Of Touches (Demo)
  4. Forever

The EP is available for preorder with a release date of May 15th, 2020.